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Model: g003z00003
GRANBOARD3s / GRANBOARD I 32 LinkageEasily connect with GRANBOARD3s using a USB cable,and the LED actions will synchronize without any lag.Even without the board, the LEDs light up in rainbow colors,creating a stage-like atmosphere in your home dart space.360-degree LED Illumination360 LED lights ar..
Model: g003z00004
GRAN Lightweight Portable Tripod Dart StandThis is a lightweight stand that is perfect for portability, weighing approximately 1.5kg! You can enjoy darts on the go, whether you're traveling or in outdoor environments. Simply fold it up and store it in the included bag for effortless transportation.F..
Model: g003z00001
Product Features:● Quiet design suitable for home use● Energy-saving design with Bluetooth Low Energy technology● Wireless setup, easy installation● Simple construction, convenient for component replacement● Enjoy dart games at home through a mobile app● Customizable functions, freely select themes●..
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