-9% Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller, Competitive Joystick with Full Spectrum RGB Lighting, All-platform Supported for Android Phone, Tablet, TV Box, PC

Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller

One step ahead

We are always looking forward to making an innovative handle that can be freely shuttled to any gaming platform. It is fully functional and ready for future games. It's personalized trend let you play your own Style, it will take you one step ahead to the future. Now, the future is coming.

It has come.

Add 4 buttons on the back
8 side keys and right rocker linkage

Breakthrough increase of 4 back keys, fully mobilize unused fingers, and press multi-skills faster. With the left and right joysticks, you can use a comfortable gesture to hit a wave of explosion output that can be mapped to other keys,

and the complex skill set can easily hold it.

Front 4 keys change 6 keys
Greater operational efficiency

More than just the back, at the front, the traditional handle skill buttons are not limited to the ABXY keys, but also the C and Z keys. In the multi-skilled MOBA mobile game titled "King of the Glory", there are more skill buttons to choose from.

Superior technology
More dazzling cool

16.8 million color colorful lights, 4 kinds of light effect mode, supporting custom small programs, through the phone to quickly set the light to change the color, create a personalized palm light show.

2-speed range switch
Shooting and Racing More than adequate

The LT and RT buttons use the Japanese second-speed linear buttons. The bottom button can be used to switch between the full-range and the half-range. The full-speed racing game accelerates linearly, and half-speed moves and shoots.

Freely Dress Up
Personalized modeling

The left and right upper lids of the handle can be detached to freely change your favorite appearance.
Personalized shell non-standard need to be purchased separately.

Somatosensory shooting
Targeting spike

The handle is equipped with a 6-axis spiral accelerometer chip, which provides an exclusive somatosensory module for the FPS mobile game. It restores the delicate operation to the game, responds quickly, and targets the spike faster and more accurately.

Full platform control Multi-screen control

Three kinds of handle modes (Bluetooth standard mode, wireless Android mode, wireless 360 mode), free shuttle mobile phones, computers, televisions, televisions, boxes.

TPE sticker at the grip
Feel comfortable anti-slip sweat

Adhesive materials are also carefully selected through dozens of programs to convey delicate and smooth particles to the nerve endings of both hands, giving you a comfortable grip experience.

Independent chip
Control double motor vibration

Built-in asymmetric dual vibration motor, independent chip control, more real impact in racing and fighting games.

6ms low latency
A quick response

With Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, the delay is less than 6ms, and at the same time, the power consumption feature can be used for longer.

Soft level Same excellent
Key cloud mapping technology to create a leader

Flydigi sets official button configurations for major games, and newbies can import them with a single key. Each hero has matching keys and teaching videos. Advanced players can drag buttons according to their own custom, custom adjustment configuration.

Product description

Product size: 155.5*103.5*64.5mm 
Standing Time: 80h 
Working distance: 10m 
Voltage: 5V 
Charging Time: 3-4hours 
Charging current: <120mA 
Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.483GHz, Bluetooth 4.0BLE 
Support Phone Size: 3.5~6.8 inch smart phones 
Platform Support: IOS (iPhone 4S and above phone, iPad 3 and above device, IOS 7.1.2 and above system) and Android (Android 4.4 and above devices) 

Connecting with Smart phone and Tablet 

1.Turn on the power switch. Long press Logo for 5 seconds and the controller initiates its pairing mode (The Logo key indicator will turn on white and quick flashes). If the logo key indicator will not turn to white, press B+Logo in sequence for 5 seconds. It will turn back to the Bluetooth Mode. 
2.Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to search for devices FeiZhiX8/X8 Pro, the controller and device starts to pair. The Logo key indicator will be stable in white. 
3.Activate button mapping. 

Connecting with Network Set-Top Box/ Smart TV 

1.Plug the receiver into the USB port of Network Set-Top Box/ Smart TV. 
2.Turn on the power switch, press A + Logo in sequence for 5 seconds, and the controller would switch to Android Mode (The Logo key indicator will be stable in yellow). The controller will be connected with receiver. 

Xinput Model on Computer 

1.Plug the receiver into the USB port of the PC. 
2.Turn on the power switch, press X + Logo in sequence for 5 seconds, and the controller would switch to XInput Mode (The Logo key indicator will be stable in blue). 

Package Includes: 

1 x Apex Controller 
1 x 2.4G USB Receiver 
1 x Instruction Manual(Chinese version for now) 
1 x Game controller adapter(USB-sized) 
1 x Detachable Bracket 

Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller, Competitive Joystick with Full Spectrum RGB Lighting, All-platform Supported for Android Phone, Tablet, TV Box, PC

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