Soul by Ludacris SL49 Ultra Dynamic In-ear Earbuds (Warranty Period 1 year)

Soul by Ludacris SL49

Product description

High precision sound comes in a very small package with the SL49. Stylishly designed for the music lover, it's perfect for life on the go.
From the Manufacturer
Music should move you...make you feel something. It's about expression and passion. 
If you're getting a proper musical experience, you can feel it in your soul.

- Chris "Ludacris" Bridges

Expression, Passion and Superior Sound are at the core of the SOUL by Ludacris experience.
There are plenty of cool looking personal audio options available, but so few are able to provide true studio level sound quality without distorted, out of whack sound balance. On the flipside, most offerings that do provide a more professional audio experience neglect to infuse any style or personality into the look. But style and sound quality can coexist. SOUL by Ludacris is here to change the game.
Years of research by several of the audio industry's most prestigious engineers bring you a professional line of personal audio tools that masterfully balance elements such as world-class noise cancellation technology with superior sound quality, allowing you to experience the full range of your music. Pair that with an award winning design team and the expressive vision of world renowned artist Ludacris, and you get the first headphone that effectively merges style with professional acoustics.
SOUL by Ludacris presents a full suite of elite quality, stylish options aimed to please artists, producers, DJs, jetsetters and music snobs alike.

Product Features
·  Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design for Superb Bass, Clear Mids and Highs, Creates High-Precision Audio Balance
·  iPhone® Ready: Compatible with iPhone 4G and 3GS, iPad® and iPod®
·  Ultra-Comfort, In-Ear Design Seals Music In and Noise Out
·  Includes Small, Medium and Large Ear Tips for an Ideal Fit
·  Tangle-Resistant Cable Design with Cord Manager for Hassle-Free, Customized Fit
·  Gold-Plated Connector for Seamless Signal Transfer
·  Design by Award-Winning Team, Commands Quality and Innovative Style
·  Protective Road Case for Convenience and Storage


Product Specifications
Design - In Ear
iPhone®, iPad® & iPod® Ready - Yes
Replaceable Audio Cable - Yes
Flat Tangle Free Cable - Yes
Headphone Cable Length - 1.2M - 49"
Connector Type - 1/8" (3.5mm) Gold Plated
Replaceable Ear Tips - Yes (Large, Medium & Small Tips Included)
Product Dimensions - 19H x 12W x 23D (mm)
Weight - Approx 25g
Driver Type - Dynamic
Magnet Type – Neodymum

Included Accessories
Tangle-Free Audio Cable (1.2m - 49") with Apple® In Line Controller - Yes - Permenantly Attached
Protective Road Case - Yes
Ear Tips - Small, Medium & Large
Multi Lingual Owners Manual (English, French, Spanish) - Yes

*Warranty Period 1 years*

* The above information is for reference only.
*Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image.
* The specification data is an approximation and will vary depending on the actual environment.
* The company reserves the right to change products and specifications without notice.

Soul by Ludacris SL49 Ultra Dynamic In-ear Earbuds (Warranty Period 1 year)

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