ismartdigi IS-PD17 - PD PowerBank 10000mAh (Warranty Period 1 year)

 IS-PD17 - PD PowerBank 10000mAh

USB Power Delivery is a charging technology, using USB-C cable and interface to transfer higher-wattage power to your device. This has two benefits: first, charge faster, secondly, you can supply more power for the larger device
“The amazing race" is defined
-          USB PD or USB Power Delivery and 5 Watt standard charge, charge at a faster pace for your device 70% and can supply more power, faster to charge the tablet computers and mobile computers
-          Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% than 5 Watts when charging the battery fast charge 70%
One-stop solutions
-          All the devices are equipped with USB Power Delivery to USB-C cable connections
-          Bi-directional transmission of electricity, so they can share power across different devices, even from your mobile phone to transfer power to a friend's phone is not a problem
-          USB-C interface is compact and able to transmit large amounts of power.
-          You can safely use the same cable for smartphones, tablets and laptops to recharge your portable computer without using a transformer.
Why can charge more safely?
-          USB-C (that is, interfaces used by USB Power Delivery) for cutting-edge technology, specifically designed to meet the Power Delivery and design, number of Gua-Dob can handle this new power transmission technology.
-          Other "quick charging" products may use a legacy interface. USB-A was first introduced in 1996, was designed to supply more of the present day mobile phones and tablet computers required much less power.
-          USB Power Delivery chipset automatically detects that the connected device is a smaller type of phone is a huge hand-held computer and charging the exact power supply the most quickly, does not damage caused by their excessive power supply circuit.
-          Compatible chipset detection device brands, such as Apple or Samsung, then will be carried out through the device of the charge
There are some similarities, but they are two different technologies.
When two USB & Type C ports are used at same time, the voltage will be changed to 5V, and the total current will be 3.6A, 18W max.
Capacity: 10000mAh (37Wh)
1.Output USB 1: QC 5V 3.0A/ 9V 2.0A/ 12V 1.5A
2 Output USB 2: Smart 5V 2.4A
3.Input Micro USB: QC 5V 2.0A/9v 2.0A/ 12V 1.5A
4.Input / Output Type-C: PD 5V 3.0A/9V 2.0A/ 12V 1.5A


Product size: 137x70x15.5mm
Weight: 198g

ismartdigi IS-PD17 - PD PowerBank 10000mAh (Warranty Period 1 year)

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