HOT Huawei CF15pro Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick pro


A new experience of fast shooting with four-button remote control

Four-button's mini remote control. Support 10 meters remote control2. Shooting, focusing, switching between front and rear cameras, starting the camera when the screen is turned off, and switching between video/photograph modes can all be operated by remote control buttons. Abandon the cumbersome and enjoy shooting.

Accurate zoom focal length3 Easy composition

One-click switch camera1 to capture the beautiful moment

The camera starts in one step, Be in control of movement.

When the screen is off and the screen is locked, double-click the switch button/switch button to directly start the camera1.
During shooting, double-click the switch button/switch button to switch the camera or video mode1, easy to control, and free to shoot.

One-click connection near pairing

No need to worry about the cumbersome steps of pairing and connection. Just turn on the remote control that the phone will automatically pop up the window to prompt connection4, and you can connect with one button.

Easily record large movies in tripod mode

Whether shooting at multiple focal lengths or shooting in special modes (time-lapse photography, streamer shutter). The tripod selfie stick can bring a stable shooting experience.

Lightweight and portable

Compact design, about 18.6 cm long after folding, about weight (168 grams in black, 175 grams in white), easy to store, and take it out when you use it2.

360° free rotation angle of view more freely

Self-locking mobile phone platform supports 360° rotation and more diversified composition.
Telescopic range inside the mobile phone holder 2 approx: 56-85mm.

Lightweight anodized aluminum alloy rod
The five-stage anodized aluminum alloy rod is used to make the view wider, stable and not easy to slip.

Maximum stretch length2 approx: 640mm

Non-slip design foot pad

The bottom of the tripod is made of non-slip silicone rubber pad, which is firmly supported and does not shake when shooting.

1. Applicable to Huawei EMUI10/Honor Magic UI 3.0 and above mobile phones, and use the system's own camera application.
2. The data comes from the test results of Huawei's laboratory, and the actual values will vary slightly due to different measurement conditions.
3. Applicable to Huawei EMUI10/Honor Magic UI 3.0 and above mobile phones, the specific zoom range depends on the mobile phone used.
4. You need to connect to the Internet and turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. When the remote control is off, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the remote control. After turning it on, the first pop-up window will be completed in about 5 seconds (the duration depends on the network environment in use)

Selfie stick clamping is not compatible with folding screen mobile phones (such as HUAWEI Mate X, HUAWEI Mate Xs, etc.), tablets, and mobile phones with a width beyond the clamping range.
When the selfie stick clamps a curved screen mobile phone with a tempered film or a hydrogel film, there is a risk of damaging the film of the mobile phone, so use it with caution.
There is a risk of lightning strikes when using the selfie stick in an outdoor thunderstorm.

Huawei CF15pro Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick pro

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